2014 Big Island Open

Table Tennis Tournament

USATT Sanctioned 1 Star Event

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 4, 5, 6, 2014


65-1260 Kawaihae Road, Kamuela, HI 96743


Sponsored by: Table Tennis & More, LSW Consulting, Inc, Waimea TTC, North Kohala TTC, & Waimea Athletics in partnership with Parks & Rec Waimea

Tournament Directors: Len Winkler &  John Romoa   

Tournament Referee: Len Winkler

A great video on the beautiful city of Waimea




Players Currently Entered

Only spot still available:

1 spot U-1450

Location: WAIMEA COMMUNITY CENTER 65-1260 Kawaihae Road, Kamuela, HI 96743

Entry Deadline: March 21, 2014.  Entries received after this date will only be accepted based on available space and have a late charge of $15.00.  No entries will be accepted at Tournament.  All events have player entry limits, so enter early to avoid disappointment & put on waiting list. 

IF YOU ENTER AFTER March 21; ADD LATE FEE of $15.00.

Equipment: Gambler Platinum 40mm 3-Star orange balls. Tournament Tables from XIOM & Stiga, with barrier between tables.

Eligibility: All players who are current USATT members, renew or join. Unrated, non-members can pay a $10 ONCE LIFETIME ONLY pass in lieu of USATT membership.  Unrated players may enter any event, but cannot advance from round robin in USATT rated events. Unrated/recreational event, Seniors, & Super Round Robin Events are open to all non USATT members AND players that join at this Tournament. All events have player entry limits, so enter early to avoid disappointment & put on waiting list.

Restrictions:  After the entry deadline, March 21, 2014, no refunds. Also, entries received AFTER March 21 will be accepted on an available space basis only. Tournament director’s decisions are final. All events have player entry limits, so enter early to avoid disappointment & put on waiting list.

Round Robin Format:  One player advancing from each round robin, based on number of entries, to the single elimination rounds; except Open Singles where two players will advance to single elimination rounds. All round robin matches (including Open Elite) are best of 5; Single elimination matches are all best of 5 except Open Elite Singles, which will be best of 7. All doubles matches are best of 5.

Super Round Robin Format: Limit 24 players Everyone, USATT member or not, CAN play. Players are put into preliminary round robin groups of 3/4 with players of all levels. ALL players will advance from preliminary round robin to medal round robin groups of 3-8 players, based on win/loss record and number of entrants. We will have 4 skill level groups in medal round.  NO ELIMINATIONS. Medal round has players compete against others of their skill level. Minimum number of matches is 5, maximum is 8. Lots of fun.

Handicap Event Format: Limit 15 players (unrated players only)  Round robin play of up to 5 players in each group; best of 5 games to 11 points. All players use handicap as explained below. A rating handicap, by the tournament referee, will be given to each player. All rating decisions by the tournament referee are final. The Tournament Referee can adjust handicap after any match.

Initial Handicap

 Rating Level


Under 600


































2200 and above


 How to Determine Starting Score

If both players have plus Handicap: Player A has a handicap of +4; Player B has a handicap of +6, then Subtract the higher handicap number and subtract the lower handicap number to determine the lower rated player’s starting score. The higher rated player will start at 0. Therefore, the starting score in the example above would be Player A 0, and player B 2.

If both players have negative Handicap: Player A has a handicap of -5; Player B has a handicap of -1; then Subtract the lower handicap number and subtract the higher handicap number to determine the higher rated player’s starting score. The lower rate player will start at 0. Therefore, the starting score in the example above would be Player A -4, Player B 0.

If one player has a negative Handicap and the other has a positive Handicap: Player A has a handicap of -2; Player B has a handicap of 7; then the starting score will be the handicap numbers. Therefore, the starting score will be player A -2, Player B 7.  

Rules: All USATT rules and dress code will apply. 2 minute maximum warm-up before tournament matches. An umpire will be available, if needed. Tournament director reserves the right to cancel an event or make adjustments based on number of players entered in an event.

Fee Schedule:  $20 for Open Elite Singles, $20.00 for Super Round Robin, $10.00 each for all other events.

Prizes: Prizes awarded for all 1st and 2nd place winners. No prizes will be awarded for splits, dumps, default losses or no shows. Cash prize amounts based on number of players entered.

Doubles: Enter partner's name in checkout screen (or mail-in form) if entering online. If you want to play the doubles event but need a partner; enter the event and enter "need a partner" in the checkout screen (or mail-in form) and we will look for a partner for you. We will refund your entry fee if we cannot find a partner.

Additional Information:  We'll have lunch & other goodies available Saturday & Sunday for players. We will have a scoreboard for each table & request that 1 player in round robin that is not currently playing a match keep score. All events have player entry limits, so enter early to avoid disappointment & put on waiting list.

We have been granted a United/Continental Airlines Discount through the USATT for attending our April Tournament. Savings over the lowest fares.

Agreement Code = 740386 – when booking by phone at 1 800 468 7022 with United Meetings give them this

Z Code = ZNYP – when booking by phone at 1 800 468 7022  with United Meetings give them this too. 

ALSO, attendees are entitled to special pricing at Hilton Hotels. We have one on The Big Island, 35 minute drive to the playing facility. Check prices and availability at:;jsessionid=BQ2KICNIKWK5ICSGBI1NEWQ?_pNd=EDMlrD6KHG&_requestid=36083


Kamuela Inn (4 minute drive, 15 minute walk)

Waimea Country Lodge: (2 minute drive, 7 minute walk)

Hawi, the hotel for a past tournament:  (35 minute drive)

All resorts on the famous Kohala Coast are 4 & 5 Star properties. If you plan to have a vacation before or after the tournament, these are great places to stay; less than 30 minute drive to gym. Click on the following resorts for more information:

Mauna Kea,   Mauna Lani,   Fairmont Orchid,   Waikoloa Hilton,   Waikoloa Marriott,   Hapuna Beach Prince Resort

Driving directions from KONA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT:

Driving directions from HILO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT:

Additional Information:  Contact Len at (808)889-1099 Email: 

ENTER ONLINE, SECURE SERVER, BELOW...A $3.00 CHARGE WILL OCCUR DUE TO CREDIT CARD PROCESSING. Please specify when entering online (at checkout screen), doubles partner name or that you need a doubles partner for me to try to get for you. THANK YOU.



$20.00* (4) SUPER ROUND ROBIN  (open to all players)* Limit 24 players A each of 4 divisions + $ A Division Saturday 9am


(2) SENIOR'S  OVER 55, OPEN (open to all players over 55 years of age) Limit 12 players

A Friday, 6:00pm


(3) SENIOR'S  OVER 55, U-1000 (open to players over 55 years, rated under 1000) Limit 12 players

A Friday, 6:00pm

$10.00 (5) U-1450 RR Limit 10 players A Saturday, 2:00pm


(6) U-3400 Doubles (Enter partner name in shopping cart info or "need a partner") Limit 8 teams

A Saturday, 4:30pm


(7) HANDICAP UNRATED RR (open to all unrated players) Limit 10 Players

A Sunday, 9am


(8) OPEN ELITE RR Limit 20 players

A + $ 1st/2nd Sunday, 9:15am


(9) U-1000 RR Limit 10 players

A Sunday, 12pm


(10) U-1600 RR Limit 12 players

A Sunday, 2pm

$10.00 (1) Women's Open RR Limit 15 players A


Friday, 4:30pm

$7.00  USATT Processing Fee (REQUIRED for all USATT members & new members joining)    
Various memberships as per pull down menu



  Donation for prizes, food, Waimea Club Equipment; THANK YOU    

$5.00** (REQUIRED) Waimea's Athletics Sports Equipment Program    

$15.00  LATE FEE IF AFTER March 21, 2014    

*Preliminary round robin will determine which medal division you will be in. You will play minimum 5 matches and maximum of 8. Anybody can play, USATT rated or not. LIMIT 24 PLAYERS.


**All Seniors over 55, USATT members or not, can enter. Unrated senior players will be put into event they most qualify for.

A Award  $ Cash Prize

Start Time may be adjusted based on number of entries.

Please specify when entering online (at checkout) name of your double's partner. THANK YOU.


Players Currently Entered

1. David DeMay, 1649, Alaska

2. Dan Millare, 1339, Big Island

3. Frank Miller, 760, Big Island

4. Stewart Miyashiro, 1167, Big Island

5. Jeffrey Cumes, 1415, Big Island

6. John Romoa, 1398, Big Island

7. Eli Siapol, 659, Kauai

8. Ivan Baldinger, NR, Big Island

9. Naochika Hoshino, NR, Big Island

10. Shigemi Degawa, 614, Big Island

11. Ben Tone, 1555, Maui

12. Ricky Pisanu, 1509, California

13. Lory Hunter, 617, Big Island

14. Stewart Hunter, 1740, Big Island

15. Stephen Freedman, 1648, Big Island

16. Tim Woollard, 1468, Big Island

17. Debbie Winkler, 529, Big Island

18. Damien Stack, 823, Big Island

19. Kiyoko Endo, 1059, Oahu

20. Tony Sekona, 1330, Big Island

21. Lesi Sekona, 1258, Big Island

22. Sunder Young, 1359, Big Island

23. Nancy Kasamoto, NR, Big Island

24. Takeo Nakamura, 1480, Oahu

25. Allen Kaichi, 2040, Oahu

26. John Buck, 870, Big Island

27. Rommel Gantala, NR, Big Island

28. Jim Gibbons, NR, Big Island

29. Noah Clark, 1857, Maui

30. Yuki Yano, 1573, Big Island

31.Swati Banthia, NR, Big Island

32. Narin You, NR, Big Island

33. David Ebrahimi, 1053, Big Island

34. Don Haynie, NR, Big Island

35. Yuri Morita, NR, Big Island

36. Avery Kramer, NR, Big Island

37. Roy Carley, NR, Big Island

38. Ernie Simon, NR, Big Island