Hilo Ping Pong Tournament Result Page



EVENT 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Novice Toni Sekona Ulu Sekona Norman Clementi
Intermediate Lesi Sekona Terry Moon  
Elite Open Clyde Young Stephen Freedman John Romoa

34 players entered the tournament, 30 played. We started at 9am and ended about 3:15pm. Raffles prizes were given out and the Army Reserve Family Group had great food and beverages for all to enjoy. The Novice finals match was super as were many of the other matches. A few surprises happened with some major upsets, but in the end, Clyde Young prevailed as champion. Yen showed up, feeling a bit better and vowing to start playing again. We sure want him to play as he will help elevate the skill level on the entire Island. Thanks to all for making this a really great and enjoyable event.


Watch a short video of the tournament.                                                                                           High Definition Video



                                                     Talking story after the tournament


    Open winners: Clyde, Stephen, & John                                             Intermediate winners: Lesi & Terry


              Novice winners: Norman, Ulu, & Toni                                                                                    


                                                                                                     John practices flying?


Yen shows signs of resurgence!                                             Sunder waves with daughter                                            Lucy plays her 1st tournament



                                                                                                        The food patrol


             The Moons help out!                                                  Ryoko caught gaining energy




         Peter hanging loose                                                                                                                              Sharon smiling as usual & wearing the Hilo TTC shirt


 1/17/2009 Results

EVENT 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Novice Scott Moon James Watjen Mark Turner
Intermediate Terry Moon Pasqual Gallen Ryoko Ishioka
Elite Open Clyde Young Stewart Hunter Stephen Freedman

 56 Players registered for the tournament, 53 played. Matches started at 9am and there was non-stop action until 2:50pm. Players of all ages participated from 7 years old to almost 80. All skill levels competed. There were good refreshments and food to be had from wives of the military. The Hilo Club provided 8 great tournament tables and the army provided the space. Much hard work was done by the Hilo club and others to get this accomplished. There was great promotion, with newspaper articles, interviews, and even some radio promotion. Close to 30 spectators came and watched which helped with the excitement that was generated. The next tournament will be held there in May, 2009. Check back to the website for ongoing information.

UPDATE 2/6/2009: (pictures courtesy of John Romoa)



                                                                                                                                         Clyde Young vs. Stewart Hunter (Elite Open Final)


                                                                                                                                  Earl Ventura, Captain Daniels, Stephen Freedman (3rd Place Open), Len Winkler


                                                                                                                               Earl Ventura, Captain Daniels, Stewart Hunter (2nd Place Open), Len Winkler


                                                                                                                               Earl Ventura,  Captain Daniels, Clyde Young (Open Champion), Len Winkler




                    Medals Won for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place                                                            Captain Daniels, Sargeant Gallen (2nd Place Intermediate), Clyde Young