Kohala Elementary Table Tennis Tournament


June 30, 2011

Hawi, Hawaii 96719

Students from the Summer Program (SUMMER BLAST) at Kohala Elementary School in Hawi, Hawaii, on the Big Island participated in a table tennis on the last day of the summer program. The program allowed for 96 different students to get a small taste of this exciting sport. The 12 students were hand picked to play based on their playing ability in the past 4 weeks. The students ranged in age from 7 years of age to 10 years of age. Most of the students had only 3 or 4 sessions to learn the rules and some of the basics of this great Olympic Sport, currently the most played sport in the world. Those sessions lasted only 45 minutes with 6-8 students each. Therefore, very little time was given to really teach the students much in the way of playing properly. Although the rules were learned; we allowed for a variation in the serving rules as well as playing 15 point games until the final match, which was best of 3 games to 11 points each. The students were taught grip, stance, basic spin, the rules and their absolute favorite thing: how to hide the ball to start a match! When you watch the video, you'll see some really great points considering their age and time in the sport. Some of these kids have amazing hand/eye coordination for their age. It was a thrill to see the smiles on their faces; the cheering for each other to do really well; the excellent sportsmanship, even in losing; and the desire to play and win.

3rd Place winners got a trophy head. The 2nd Place winner received a trophy. The Champion won a larger trophy plus a new paddle.

Congratulations to each and every player.

Watch the entire tournament:


Bottom row l-r: Dawston, John, Oscar, Moses, Shiko, Coach Len, Molonai                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Top row l-r: Principal Danny Garcia, Cheyden, Kalia, Leyla, Mikalia, Mr. Carley

Oscar (Champion), John (2nd Place), Dawston/Moses (3rd Place)

Alika & Leyla attempt a table tennis ball balance trick:


Some assorted photos from the last day of Summer Blast, WATER DAY:

Watch a quick video of the slippery water slide: