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Brief History of KTTC as written by Club founder, Dan Millare:

I was inspired by Ms Susan Sarandon initiatives of making Table Tennis: Now An Official Varsity Sport in the New York City Public High Schools. I firmly believe that this decision is a game changer for our sport locally, regionally and even nationally!

When I was in Seattle sometime November last year on vacation, after some soul searching, I asked myself what special talent do I have that I can share to my community when I get back to Kona? After sleepless nights, I arrived on a very bold decision: Starting up a Table Tennis Club as a Community Program! As soon as I got back to Kona, Big Island sometime middle of December, my heart was full of high hopes and firm belief that I might be able to do the Impossible! I wasted no time, and the next day, I found myself at the office of the Parks and Recreation District Supervisor and was able to convince him of my idea of KTTC. Sensing my deep passion for the sport while showing some of my USATT credentials, he was fully impressed and promised to call me the next day! I am well aware that he is a very busy guy, so I took my chance of going to the P & R office at the Kekuaokalani Basketball Gymnasium for ocular inspection. Fortunately, when I arrived, I saw him having some discussion with two other guys who happens to be the Supervisor and his Assistant, and to my surprise, the moment they saw me coming, they give me a warm welcome and handed me the application form to fill it up and submit it for approval! After only barely three weeks, KTTC official grand opening is January 9, 2014. Wow! things are happening too fast, so I immediately ask help from the Waimea Club to provide me three (3) tables. My request is very timely that they are upgrading their tables and planning to buy brand new ones and getting rid of the old ones! Even the Hilo Club loaned us two (2) Butterfly Tables and our District 7 Councillor donated two (2) brand new XIOM Olympic Grade Tables. With such overwhelming support and best wishes from all our friends and sponsors, KTTC members were all motivated to build solid foundations for our Club to serve our Community better through Table Tennis! We are proud to say that we have produced a total of sixteen (16) rated players in only ten (10) months of operations! We have the two brothers from Minnesota (2044 & 2006 ratings) who just recently moved here for their retirement place. Our Overall Hawaiian Tournament ITTF Coach conducted very inspiring Table Tennis Clinics, too. KTTC has also joined some Community building programs like the West Hawaii Fitness Fair and the Independence Day Parade. Lately, we volunteered for 2014 Kona World Ironman Championships. We have a very special guest who is a very strong Table Tennis Player who happens to be Germany's Professional Triathlon Coach of the new 2014 World Men's Ironman Champion! We are training very hard for the biggest tournament in the Big Island next month, The HILO Tournament. Also, before the year ends, we're joining the Annual Christmas Parade! Next year, we will be celebrating our1st KTTC Anniversary and will start the planning and organizing of the Kona USATT Sanctioned Tournament Open on August 16, 2015 which was already approved by our Overall Hawaiian Tournament and the Parks and Recreation Directors.
In line with our goals of "Molding the Youth of Tomorrow" which is KTTC Slogan, we are partnering with the LION'S Club of Kona under their LEO Club program focusing on students in High Schools around Kona area to impart the knowledge and skills for them to learn the modern and scientific way of playing Table Tennis and eventually LOVE & ENJOY the game! After all, this is a very niche sport for the whole family, young and old alike!



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Ernie Simon and man with cap, Antonio Rebucas, 82 years old!


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