Name:  Paul J. Gonzalez
Blade:  Waldner Carbon Senso
Rubber:  FH- Red 2.5 Mark V 30, BH- Blk 2.0 Mark V 30
Style:  Allaround (attempting to be offensive)
Favorite Shot:  Anything from the backhand (much to Len's disagreement)
Least Favorite Shot:  Forehand push (I'm still working on it and its gotten much better)

History:  Well, I had played ping-pong for years.  But, didn't play table tennis until I moved to Phoenix.  It was under the tutelage of Len that I began my slow but steady rise upward.  I worked under his teaching for approximately 10 months.  I would play twice a week at the Phoenix club and then once (sometimes 2x) at ASU.  And I would take one weekly lesson with Len.  I started out very raw with a few things I was proficient at.... such as holding a blade and that's about it.  I came in unrated and when I was done.. I was at a rating of 1559 and had approximately 6 tournaments under my belt.  I met some very great people at the Phoenix club, they are as follows and in no particular order except for Len's name which is last.  haha
Turboman, Goggles, Ed, Gargles, Branham, Wayne Aerni (special thanks to him for giving me the ability to play against long pips) El Presidente (Jane), Jerry Whimpley (haha), Burrito Borrillo(for all his FREE wisdom), Gia, Dave M., The Fuschino's, Wayne 2K, ASU Waldner, Pauly Palma, Mark D.(hang in there and keep working hard) Leo, Derrick, of course my great coach.... Matt Winkler, and then my other coach Len (and his very understanding wife whom let's him have a bunch of guys over the house and stink up the garage by playing ping-pong).
This is the place I consider truly got me into the game I truly enjoy.   
I can be contacted via email at the following:
Or if anyone finds themselves coming through the Fresno, California area let me know you will all have a place to stay(well, not all at the same time, but you get my meaning)