2014 August Super Round Robin/Handicap Doubles

USATT One Star Table Tennis Tournament

Saturday August 23, 2014

Sponsored by: Table Tennis & More, Waimea TTC, North Kohala TTC, & Waimea Athletics in partnership with Parks & Rec Waimea

Wrap-up Article

Aloha! We had a really good tournament on the 23rd of August. Although we had to change the tournament date due to Tropical Storm Iselle, 20 players still participated. First & foremost, I wish to thank all the players and all the non-players that donated money, time, water, etc to make the tournament a success. Even with the smaller than usual number of players, we were able to provide cash prizes for all 4 Super Round Robin Divisions and Handicap Doubles, as well as provide a lunch for all, along with snacks and help the Waimea Athletics Group for Junior Activities. So a HUGE MAHALO to all for that.

It was great to see 9 new players join the USATT and secure a "real" table tennis rating; from the USATT, a rating that can be used for all sanctioned tournaments in Hawaii and on the Mainland and even has standing in other Countries of the World. This was an extremely competitive tournament, with many matches going a full 5 games. There were a few upsets, some excellent points played, and tons of experience garnered by all. But, the best part was that a fun time was had by all; OK, maybe more fun for the winners! haha I want to mention that the County changed all the lights so we had full brightness for this tournament; mahalo Hawaii County.


EVENT 1st Place 2nd Place Pictures
HANDICAP DOUBLES Narin You/KillianIsisaki John Romoa/Lesi Sekona
SUPER RR, A DIVISION John Romoa Narin You
SUPER RR, B DIVISION Andrew Smith David Ebrahimi
SUPER RR, C DIVISION Andrew Wessels Frank Miller
SUPER RR, D DIVISION Richard Bailey Ernie Simon


2014 August Super RR

Player Name Rating Before Rating After Rating +/-
Bailey III, Richard 0 889 -2
Buck, John 912 930 18
Ebrahimi, David 1049 1039 -10
Fukumitsu, April 0 327 3
Isisaki, Killion 0 1299 -7
Kramer, Avery 0 665 -4
Miller, Frank 757 756 -1
Presiados, Eddie 0 1298 -8
Romoa, John 1333 1368 35
Rubucas, Bhong 0 831 -3
Rubucas Jr, Antonio 0 249 -6
Sekona, Lesi 1476 1420 -56
Simon, Ernie 468 471 3
Wong, Luie 0 982 2
You, Narin 1262 1364 102


Mahalo to Debbie for delivering the delicious hot pizza, to John Romoa for the coffee, and to Frank Miller for the bottles of ice cold water.








Antonio Rebucas

John Buck

John Romoa

Narin You

Frank Miller

Avery Kramer

Killion Isisaki

Luie Wong

Lesi Sekona

Bong Rebucas

Bryce Kanemaru

Andrew Smith

Andrew Wessels

Jim Gibbons

April Fukumitsu

Eddie Presiados

David Ebrahimi

Ricky Bailey

Ernie Simon

Calvin Kanemaru