2014 Handicap & O/U 1200 Open

Table Tennis Tournament

Saturday December 27, 2014

Sponsored by: Table Tennis & More, Waimea TTC, North Kohala TTC, & Waimea Athletics in partnership with Parks & Rec Waimea

Wrap-up Article

This was actually a really nice tournament. We had plenty of new players participating which is always a good indicator of future interest and had some surprising player performances. It was really neat to see Lory Hunter win the U-1200 event as she is really advancing rapidly of late. Also, Angie Miyashiro placed first out of her U-1200 round robin which is a first for her and a real accomplishment considering just a few months back she was died and had massive heart surgery. Also, congratulations to Andrew Wessels who is also improving very rapidly, coming in 2nd place in BOTH the U-1200 and the Handicap Open. I think Andrew's days of 6-7 point handicap is a thing of the past. Although Stephen Freedman won the O-1200 event over Yuki; Yuki bested Steve in the Handicap event in order to take first place in that event. They are very evenly matched it seems, and it makes for some enjoyable rallies to watch. Although John Romoa has some major issues with his shoulder; he had a very good showing and had some good wins. It was great seeing Lesi back playing and we look for Tony to be a major force again, as soon as his knee heals.

A big Mahalo to John Romoa for providing the always delicious coffee and his invaluable assistance in set up and other behind the scenes help. All the Big Island Clubs were well represented with Hilo, Kona, Waimea, Captain Cook, and North Kohala, all having players participating. All the pizza was devoured quickly, as was the delicious L&L dinner, snacks, beef & pork jerky, and power bars. The annual award presentation went well with a bit of humor as well as well earned awards like SPORTSMAN of the Year for John Romoa. We had a beautiful singing & Uke performance and some fun with multi ball on an enlarged table. A huge MAHALO to all participants and a very bright 2015 is upcoming. ALOHA!


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Tournament Video




Pizza Lunch


All the empty pizza boxes!


Light Dinner



Party & Awards Presentation

Musical Entertainment

Charlie Kow, Most Improved 2014

John Buck, most spin on serves for player rated U-1200

Angie Miyashiro, pound for pound, strongest loops

Dan Millare, Most active Player

Jeffrey Cumes, Most Improved Player, 2014

John Romoa, SPORTSMAN of the Year

Shigemi Degawa, 2014 Hawaii Island most altruistic player

Bryce Kanemaru, 2014 Hawaii Island Junior Player of the year

1/2 of the playing facility

The Action



Greg Kerkow, 2006 

Stewart Miyashiro, 1272 

Angie Miyashiro, 773 

Dan Millare, 1294 

Calvin Kanemaru, UR 

Bryce Kanemaru, 551 

John Romoa, 1236 

Bradley Westervelt, UR 

April Fukumitsu, 356

Frank Miller, 775    

John Buck, 930 

Stephen Freedman, 1662 

Lory Hunter, 693 

Stewart Hunter, 1680 

Brian Vasquez, 833   

Yuki Yano, 1632 

Charlie Kow, 1374 

Ian Delgado, UR 

Ana Sobarzo, UR   

Carlos Yamada Delgado, UR 

Nue Youderian, UR 

David Ebrahimi, 1206 

Tony Sekona, 1435 

Lesi Sekona, 1420 

Tom Diaz, UR 

Killion Isisaki, 1299 

Roselle Fujihara, UR 

Andrew Wessels, 597 

Dave Schmitt, UR