In February, 2005, Len Winkler was promoted to Regional Level Coach while attending a 3 day clinic at the USATT Olympic Headquarters in Colorado Springs.

Len Winkler is one of only a handful of USATT Certified Referees.

Matt & Len attended a special coaching clinic in Las Vegas.

Len Winkler participated in a great clinic at Olympic Headquarters.

Len Winkler is a State Level USATT Certified Coach. When he was Certified, he was required to attend a 2-day USATT Coaching Clinic and prove that he can teach students proper technique, strategy, and rules. He has been exclusively coaching table tennis since 1997.

Len Winkler continues to attend Coaching seminars in order to keep current with the newest trends, techniques, rules, and strategies used in high level table tennis competition. Len is one of less than 30 coaches that attends these clinics. Within 2003, Len has attended 3 different clinics.

Matthew Winkler, 19 years old, Len's son, is also a USATT Umpire. He passed his test back in 1998, when he was only 13 years old.

Len Winkler has recently been upgraded to Regional Umpire after taking a long written test and filling out match logs.

Len Winkler is one of only a handful of coaches that attends continuing education on the newest developments in table tennis techniques.

Len Winkler attended a 3 day coaching seminar and hands-on clinic with Dan Seemiller and others to be completely up to date on what the Elite World Class players are currently using as their techniques.

Matthew Winkler receives his USATT Certification as a table tennis coach.