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Len has been coaching table tennis, full time, since 1997;

 celebrating over 24 years of full time table tennis coaching!


Our North Kohala Facility:

Len Winkler is an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation, http://ittf.com/, Certified Coach (over 8 years). Included in the certification is coaching disabled athletes, paralympic players, http://usparalympics.org/athletes/tag/2682. Len is also a USATT Certified Regional Level Coach for over 20 years, Certified Regional Level Umpire, and Certified USATT Referee.

We have 2 Butterfly 25 Centerfold Tables available.

We have plenty of lighting, and we use Butterfly Centrefold 25 Rollaway Tables and have a  POWERPONG 5000 Robot    PowerPong 5000 Robot to help with training. We provide multi-ball drills, videotaping available, looping and blocking drills, offensive and defensive skills, footwork drills, serve and serve return, 3rd & 5th ball attack drills, and more. We have plenty of videos to watch of World Class players so we can analyze strategy and movements. We even have outdoor shower facilities, bathroom, and take Covid19 precautions for you.

Individual coaching also available at the Waimea Table Tennis Club on Mondays and Wednesdays, schedule permitting. (When the Centers reopen)

Slow motion video equipment available to analyze your technique. Slow motion up to 1000fps! Really see what you are doing right or wrong to make improvement easier to achieve.

PLUS, live, over the Internet, training & technique assistance now available. (Contact for pricing)

AND, for those that want FULL TRAINING, we now have strength training & aerobic training machinery. 2 Bowflex Ultimate 2 machines plus a professional elliptical machine from True. (Contact for pricing)

Have you considered an ALOHA table tennis "trainvation"? Schedule intense lessons at our facility in North Kohala for 2-3 hours daily; stay at the inexpensive local Inn; go snorkeling, fishing, sightseeing, and volcano lava watching. Leave 1 week or more with some new skills and 1-2 levels better playing ability. (Contact for pricing & ideas)

PowerPong 5000 Robot capable of any type of spin, or no spin, and can serve, hit long, short, etc.





Len has coached the local students at Kohala Elementary School in the basics of table tennis. The students ranged from Kindergarten through 5th grade. Len has gone to both the University of Hawaii in Hilo and on Oahu, at the Manoa Campus, to give clinics to the students there. Len has gone to all the clubs on the Big Island giving private lessons, including Waimea, Hilo, North Kohala, Captain Cook, & Kona.

Len Winkler, ITTF+PTT Certified Coach, USATT Certified REGIONAL Level Coach, and one of the few participants in USATT continuing education coaching clinics, is available for training at your place, at the North Kohala Table Tennis Club, Waimea Table Tennis Club, and at our training facility. Len has attended a special in-depth coaching clinic showing all the new techniques being used now at the highest Pro Levels. Len has attended a 3 day USATT Advanced Coaching Clinic in Indiana and another advanced coaching clinic in Las Vegas. Since that time, he has attended other coaching seminars including Chicago, Las Vegas, and Ft Lauderdale, and at the USATT OLYMPIC HEADQUARTERS in Colorado Springs where he upgraded to REGIONAL LEVEL STATUS. Len is a full time table tennis coach and seller of professional table tennis products. He is also available for free clinics at schools and other public venues. In addition, Len is a USATT Certified Regional Umpire and USATT Certified Referee, thus always keeping up with any current rule changes or interpretations.

Len coaches players from beginners of all ages (recreational level), to advanced tournament level. Equipment available to coach with includes a  table tennis robot, tournament tables, and different racket types, including inverted rubber, hardbat, anti-spin, short and long pips. We specialize in teaching professional serves, returns, footwork drills, looping, strategy, and multi-ball practice.

Coaching groups of juniors is easy to do also.


Individual private lessons are available for only $30.00 an hour at the North Kohala Table Tennis & More Facility, (add $5.00 hour for each extra player. Example: 3 players split an hour is $40.00 total). Junior players (aged 17 and under), are given a courtesy discount, as are members of any Hawai'i Island Table Tennis Club.

Individual coaching also available at the Waimea Table Tennis Club on Mondays and Wednesdays, schedule permitting (when centers are allowed to reopen).

Contact us for prices to conduct clinics at your facility or business.

If you are a recreational player and want to know how you rate as a tournament table tennis player, Len offers a special 30 minute evaluation and rating session for $20.00. Please request this specifically, if interested.

Special BEGINNER'S program bundle (Introduction to the Sport of Table Tennis):

10 lesson bundle; 90 minutes each; 15+ Hours of training. Each lesson builds on the previous lesson, adding something new. This bundle is to really learn about the sport for newcomers. Students are encouraged to practice as much as possible between sessions.

1. Proper grip, stance, rules of the game, footwork, initiation to multi-ball training.

2. SPIN...types, what it is, and how to create it

3. Introduction to proper forehand counter, forehand block, forehand loop, forehand push.

4. Introduction to proper backhand counter, backhand block, backhand loop, backhand push.

5. Transitioning

6. Putting the ball into play, how to serve, different types of serves and their pros and cons

7. Return of serve

8. Footwork and footwork drills. Table Tennis rally patterns

9. Different styles of play and surfaces of rubber.

10. Tournament play & preparation; and the short, over the table game.

Bundle price $299.00, paid in full at 1st session. (that is less than $20.00 per hour) (Can only be done once per student)

Click here to see pictures of current students, former students, and players that have trained at Table Tennis & More.

Please contact Len Winkler via phone, 602-882-1099, or E-Mail, for group clinic rates and other special activities.


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